Savannah River Landing

Savannah River Landings - Savannah Port Journal

Artists Conception of the Planned Development

This $800M project, envisioned by Amblin Companies, is a 54-acre downtown waterfront area build-out that will include: a luxury hotel & spa, a downtown boutique hotel, luxury condo towers, 17 single family riverfront estates, 11 blocks of single family city homes, 6 squares modeled after the original Savannah squares, an extension of Savannah’s River Street, ground-level retail & office condos, an office tower, and a parking facility.

For nearly a year, over a million and a half cubic yards were brought in to raise the site from 5 to 12 feet above its former level. That’s 53,000 dump-truck loads, most from the nearby Ellis Square redevelopment project. By early 2008, the western infrastructure was completed and vertical construction began. The first phase will see a 8-story condominium, a 8-story, 750-space parking deck, and 20 town homes. 40-foot live oak trees will be transplanted to the site to extend the look and feel of historic Savannah to the new development.