Liberty Terminals

Liberty Terminals - Savannah Port Journal

Liberty Terminals are multi-purpose breakbulk, conventional bulk, and container facilities, with covered and open storage and transportation services. It sits just 13NM from the Savannah Sea buoy. Four docks and their adjacent warehouses service vessels up to 750′ in length. The facility provides truck and rail (CXS) services. Eight of the docks can be used to offload to as many as 24 railcars simultaneously, while 6 docks can handle a maximum of 12 trailers. Open storage of wood chips and other materials are located east of the warehouses.

East Coast Terminals was started in 1981 and had an estimated annual sales of over $11M with an employment estimated at 100 workers. The facility had fallen into a bad state of disrepair in recent years, but in 2006 Liberty Terminals took over the operations and began to rebuild and repair the docks, pavement, and warehouses. A new access road was built to the facility from President’s Street. Upon completion, there will be 1800 linear feet of dock, a crane for lifting containers, and access for RoRo ships.